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Basic Rules of Mixing

A mixologist is someone who’s passionate about the art of drink making and therefore wants to learn about why the cocktails are made in a certain way. All cocktails are garnished with a particular commodity and mixed using different techniques. Basically, you are, as a mixologist, the scientist of drink making, as long as you have a base spirit, something bitter and something sweet. These three base ingredients are the beginning of every well-made cocktail.
Mr. Ivo, the mixologist working with his team (the multi task crews : bartender & barista) prepare house-made syrups, tinctures, bitters or other ingredients that a bartender will need. The mixologist designs the cocktails, while all the bartenders make and present them to customers. We can even create a unique cocktail just for you!

Wine Cocktails, mixologist secrets :

4 of our special Wine Cocktails created by Mr. Ivo. We created the wine cocktail, because we love wine and it is 1 of the specialties of La Bodega.

“Lluvia Purpura” 

• Gin
• Lemon juice 🍋 
• Cherry liquor 🍒 
• Sugar 
• Prosecco on top

“The Muchas Gracias”

•Vodka 40ml.
•Sauvignon blanc 60ml.
•Watermelon juice 40ml.
•Vanille syrup 10ml. 
•Elderflower syrup 10ml.
•Watermelon syrup 10ml. 


•Rose wine 60ml.
•Campari 30ml. 
•Pomegranate syrup 20ml.
•Angostura orange 3 dashes 

“Antiguo Moda”

• Whiskey Bourbon 🥃 60ml.
• Fresh lemon juice 🍋 20ml.
• Fresh orange juice 🍊 30ml.
• Egg white 🥚 
• Orange bitter – 2-3 drops 
• Sugar syrup 
• Red wine 🍷