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Restaurant La Bodega

Welcome to our restaurant in Cala d’Or

Restaurant and winebar La Bodega are the result of our big love for the combination of wine and tapas. We love to see our guests enjoying our authentic tapas combining with the wines from Mallorca. The cozy authentic character of La Bodega and welcoming service make an evening at La Bodega memorable.

In 2013 Restaurant and winebar La Bodega opened there doors at the oldest square of Cala d’Or. The unique concept and comprehensive menu, makes you want to come in any time of the day.  Locals regularly come along to enjoy our delicious tapas dishes and that is not for nothing. Also the traveler has found its way to La Bodega, for the very diverse menu with tapas, montaditos, pizzas and pastas. We have nice food for everyone. Even if you has an allergy, you can choose from a variety of delicious tapas dishes. You can ask our staff about more information.

Because La Bodega also has a wide selection of children’s meals, it is a pleasure for families to eat together. The ice cream after the meal makes it for the children a complete treat for the kids.

Bringing Happiness throughout the Experience