Wine list

Basic Rules of Mixing

A mixologist is someone who’s passionate about the art of drink making and therefore wants to learn about why the cocktails are made in a certain way. All cocktails are garnished with a particular commodity and mixed using different techniques. Basically, you are, as a mixologist, the scientist of drink making, as long as you have a base spirit, something bitter and something sweet. These three base ingredients are the beginning of every well-made cocktail.
Mr. Ivo, the mixologist working with his team (the multi task crews : bartender & barista) prepare house-made syrups, tinctures, bitters or other ingredients that a bartender will need. The mixologist designs the cocktails, while all the bartenders make and present them to customers. We can even create a unique cocktail just for you!

Wine Cocktails, mixologist secrets :

4 of our special Wine Cocktails created by Mr. Ivo. We created the wine cocktail, because we love wine and it is 1 of the specialties of La Bodega.

“Lluvia Purpura” 

• Gin
• Lemon juice 🍋 
• Cherry liquor 🍒 
• Sugar 
• Prosecco on top

“The Muchas Gracias”

•Vodka 40ml.
•Sauvignon blanc 60ml.
•Watermelon juice 🍉40ml.
•Vanille syrup 10ml. 
•Elderflower syrup 10ml.
•Watermelon syrup 🍉10ml. 


•Rose wine 60ml.
•Campari 30ml. 
•Pomegranate syrup 20ml.
•Angostura orange 3 dashes 

“Antiguo Moda”

• Whiskey Bourbon 🥃 60ml.
• Fresh lemon juice 🍋 20ml.
• Fresh orange juice 🍊 30ml.
• Egg white 🥚 
• Orange bitter – 2-3 drops 
• Sugar syrup 
• Red wine 🍷